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Healthcare Compliance Pros, or HCP, is a Utah based compliance consulting firm with a national reach providing service to offices in 49 states. We provide a unified solution for healthcare organizations, billing companies, MSO’s, and others who need to tackle the burden of compliance. When it comes to knowing and meeting requirements for HIPAA, OSHA, Corporate Compliance, and even H/R we have the expertise and resources to help protect your business from findings, fines, and even jail time.

We not only provide a complete compliance solution that has been designed to be audit-proof, but behind that set of tools is the active support and monitoring that will allow you to focus your day-to-day and rest assured that you are not only hitting compliance requirements, but also maintaining that status with the ever evolving compliance regulations.

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security
  • OSHA
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Auditing

We are currently in more that 6000 offices nationwide and are continuing to form new and positive relationships to provide support throughout the healthcare organization network. We are in partnership with many specialty associations including AAOE, HBMA, MGMA, ADAM, ASF, NSCHBC, IU, AUA, RBMA, HCCA, ASCENT, TIPAA, APG to name a few. Our leadership team consists of 3 nationally recognized speakers and experts in the industry. We have focused not only on providing excellent compliance support and resources but have also focused on education and growth for the healthcare industry as a whole.

Customer Testimonials

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"You guys have been great. I am always able to talk with someone or email and get a quick response. Thanks for helping me add and delete employees and for sending the instructions. Your team is always so quick to send me the information I need. I'd recommend HCP to anyone seeking online compliance support!" - Janice H.

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HCP is the best thing we have ever done. All I have to do is read my emails. Piece of cake to add and delete employees. We recently uploaded our employee handbook. This has been a tremendous time saver for me. I just refer employee questions to the site. I don't have to keep quoting chapter and verse for every question. - Rhonda W.


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